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Established in 1921

Welcome to Harold & Goetz

It was 1921 when the business was founded by Frank Harold and Ed Goetz. In the 20s, the housing market in Brantford was booming, and Harold & Goetz Building Products had a strong foothold in the local economy. However, the effects of the stock market crash in 1929 led to some changes, and Frank Harold decided it was time to find alternative income, leaving Harold & Goetz Building Products solely to Ed Goetz and his son, Wally. 

Just a year later, in 1930, Harry Phinn joined the Harold & Goetz Building Products staff team as a clerk. In 1958, Harry Phinn took over the entire business. To this day, his family still runs the business, now in conjunction with Jamie Grierson. Blake Agnew, Harry Phinn’s grandson, has co-owned Harold & Goetz Building Products with Jamie Grierson for over 30 years. The two have been friends since they were 6 years old. Even though Harold & Goetz Building Products has changed hands over the years (while still retaining the original full business name of Harold & Goetz Building Products from the 1920s), the family tradition has remained strong. It is that family tradition that is one of the most vital pieces of the business "character" of Harold & Goetz Building Products.

Harold & Goetz Building Products staff love to help their customers to think outside of the box. When people come in with basic ideas for projects at home or at work, we help them to refine those ideas and direct them to the most appropriate products to help them to meet their goals. Staff will even give customers tips on exactly how to do at-home work themselves. Harold & Goetz Building Products’ services include roofing for residential and commercial properties, as well as window and door installations.The store carries all of the standard building and construction supplies, with a wide stock of lumber, plywood, drywall, insulation, hardware, fasteners, trim, and all of the basic home maintenance supplies.

We take pride in being the best roofing company in the area. As a Brantford-based and Brantford-staffed business, Harold & Goetz Building Products holds true to its goal of helping the local community to meet is construction-based needs. Honesty, integrity, and fair prices are Harold & Goetz Building Products’ best qualities.

Best roofing company in Brantford

Management Team

Rick Evans

store manager

Rick has been successfully managing and growing retail stores in the hardwood flooring, lumber and hardware industries for over 20 years. A Hamilton native, Rick settled in Brantford a few years ago with his wife and three kids.

Andrew Phillips

Construction Project Manager

Andrew brings over 20 years of experience in the construction industry to Harold & Goetz. He leads the general contracting and roofing teams that work on residential and commercial properties. When he's not on a worksite or in the office, you may find Andrew on the golf course or up at the trailer with his family.


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